Favorite Thought Provoking Videos

Do you ever wish you had a perfect video to respond to someone facebook or social media, me too! Here is a list of my favorite vegan, animal rights and inspirational videos from Youtube. I often use these as tools to make a point in conversations online. I created this page for myself to keep track of the best thought provoking videos I have seen 🙂 In the past it has taken me up to 20 minutes searching Youtube to find a few of these. Now they are organized here to save me time 🙂 I hope you enjoy them too. 

Nature Rx

If Milk Commercials Were Honest

Dr. Mills Lays Down The Truth!

By Dr. Milton Mills

Humans are not omnivoires!  🙂


By Steve Cutts.

Steve is a brilliant animator and animal rights activist! This film is powerful!

Thug Kitchen Cookbook Commercial

by Thug Kitchen
This video is priceless! Checkout the book here.

What a hunt!

By Steve Cutts.
Another amazing video story by Mr. Cutts. It has a great ending 🙂

Ask Your Doctor About Meat

So true!

Vegans Are Weak

One of my favorite Inspirational Videos! I can’t watch this without smiling.

If The Meat Industry Was Honest

Non-vegan food for thought!

Starfleet is vegan!

I think this is one of the coolest things ever!  🙂

Government Pays For Milk Ads

The truth why we are drinking milk today.

Start With The Why

By Simon Sinek

This clip has the capability to transform ones life and business. I highly recommend everyone watch it 🙂

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